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girls who grind coffee

boza sisters - el salvador - natural

boza sisters - el salvador - natural

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Fi O’Brien and Casey Lalonde are the owners of Girls Who Grind, based in Wiltshire, South-West England. They are a womxn-led, anti-patriarchy specialty coffee roastery and they are part of the rebellion movement. All coffees they source come exclusively from change-making womxn producers whose work is celebrated and stories are shared. To give back to the producers in exchange for everything they give, above and beyond the beans themselves, Fi and Casey run the Cheek to Cheek initiative, where 10% of the sale price of all their retail coffees is put back into their suppliers' pockets to show intention about being one team. 

About the beans... this coffee delivers on both filter and espresso. Believing their coffee was of poor quality, the Boza Sisters sold it for a low price locally. Incredibly, after sending a sample of their coffee off to be tasted, they discovered not only was it specialty-grade coffee but that their local buyer was actually selling it as a single-origin specialty, using their name and photographs. Unfreakinbelievable! 

The Boza women took it upon themselves to reach out directly to roasters to sell their coffee and The Girls Who Grind were one of the first they contacted! This is the Girls Who grind Coffee's 6th year buying from the Boza family.

About Boza Sisters... The incredible Boza Sisters of Finca San Antonio Amatepec are ambitious change-makers carving a path for themselves and the next generation of coffee producers. At their farm just outside of San Salvador, they focus on shade-grown specialty coffee through sustainable methods.

Producer: Boza Sisters
Farm: Finca San Antonio Amatepec
Region: San Salvador, El Salvador
Variety: Red Bourbon, Yellow Icatú
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1300masl

Grind note: grind away. Just the way you like it.

Shelf-life: 180 days

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