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super ceramics

butter dish

butter dish

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Charlotte Talbot is a self-taught ceramist and the force behind SUPER Ceramics.
She is an industrial designer who decided in 2016 to spend less time in front of her computer and more in a workshop working with her hands. Her Atelier is located in Vendée, in western France (not far from Nantes). Clay became Charlotte's favorite medium and her Atelier her safe playroom where anything is possible. Each item we source from SUPER Ceramics is built by hand by Charlotte. She draws each pattern carefully on the raw clay. It is all done with love and care.

This is the iconic butter dish to hold "Beurre en Baratte" (the French salty one please!). Handmade with beige stoneware, with a different finish depending on style: blue pencil lines with satin white glaze; blue pencil grid with transparent glaze; blue engobe air brushed with transparent glaze.

Dimensions Ø: 15.5 x 9.5 cm / H: 6.5 cm

All pieces are handmade and therefore measurements are for guidance only. Each piece can differ in size and shape and the colours of the glaze can vary from piece to piece. The items are dishwasher & microwave safe.

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