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character #v - by tonje bøe birkeland

character #v - by tonje bøe birkeland

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The objective of The Characters series is to encapsulate an entire artistic practice. Since 2008, Tonje through her work has given women a position within landscape while exploring the authenticity of history. On expedition, female explorers are staged in Unknown Territory. Materials have been gathered from before, during and after the journeys, yielding stories and installations with photography in large formats, text panels, and a suitcase for every traveller, together portraying Characters # I – V. 

Each of Tonje's characters shapes a meta-journey, her expedition as an artist and to her inner-self. The imagined female heroines have taken her to the East Coast of Greenland, the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and in this book, on three expeditions through the Inner Himalayas of Bhutan. Tonje's photographs and journals expound time and place, while investigating personality and physical limits. Bertha Bolette Boyd is Tonje Bøe Birkeland’s Character #V.

There are only 300 copies of Character #V, and we are lucky to carry in the shop #54 and #56, both signed by the artist.

words and photography: Tonje Bøe Birkeland

language: English

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