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fleurs d'hiver

flowers + honey herbal infusion

flowers + honey herbal infusion

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Inspired by a passion for organic produce, Fleurs d’hiver creates a range of small batch, unique, hand-made herbal teas. Herbs and flowers grown by artisan growers are gathered, dried, and encased in a golden disk of honey caramel. When submerged in warm water the honey melts, the plants release their aromas and infuse to create a truly exclusive experience. Each one is an ode to the harmonious relationship between honey and flowers. Treat yourself, or a loved one, to a moment of pleasure and well-being while appreciating what our Earth has to offer. 

Each of the herbal teas is presented on a wooden stick, ready to be infused. The honey melts and the flowers bloom naturally in the hot water: an image of beauty to accompany the taste.

How to use: remove the infusion from its packaging. Immerse it in a cup of hot water (150-200ml) or a teapot for a lighter and less sweet infusion. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Strain. Your infusion is ready! The infusion can also be stored in the refrigerator to be sipped ice cold the next day.

Ingredients: herbal tea and honey. Flowers and plants come from certified organic sources. The honey comes from French and English hives with care for the quality of the bees' life.

Shelf life: 2 years

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