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joyce - costa rica - white honey

joyce - costa rica - white honey

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Fuglen Coffee Roasters focus on sourcing and roasting great coffee, buying small lots as directly as possible from what they believe are the best coffee growers around the world. Their roast is light, in the Nordic style, embracing all the good, natural flavours of coffee without adding the roasty tones. Bjørnar & Ludvik say that their "end goal is to create a product that is as transparent as possible, so that you can experience the taste of the terroir and uniqueness of each and every coffee."

We have reached out to Fuglen in search of their female-forward beans. Following our visit to their cafes in Oslo and in Tokyo we were struck by the spaces that they have been able to (re)create: a slice of Norway in Tokyo (almost like stepping back in time and space), and shadows of Japan in Oslo (where the walls are lined with tatami mats). They kindly returned our call and presented us with two beans that are grown by female-forward farmers. One is this one, and the second is coming this summer fresh from Heleanna Georgalis's farm in Ethiopia.

About the beans... They are processed using the White Honey method. This process involves removing 70-85% of the mucilage on the coffee. Processing in this way allows the coffee to have the clarity and elegant aspects of a washed coffee whilst having the body and sweetness of a natural coffee. The beans reach Fuglen via Exclusive Coffees. These beans are currently exclusively sold by us! How cool!

About the farm...  Located in Santa María de Dota, a small mountain town along the flank of the Cordillera de Talamanca range of Costa Rica is the farm “Joyce” managed by Omar Calderon and his daughter, Joyce. They grow Typica as well as Geisha and other varieties. Omar, his wife and four daughters have been producing coffee and managing the micro processing mills for the last twenty years. Omar oversees the whole operation but the day to day running of the processing mills is done by his daughters.


Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Producer: Omar and Joyce Calderon, and family

Farm: Joyce

Wet/Dry mill: Granitos de Altura de Ortiz

Variety: Typica

Process: White Honey

Altitude: 1900masl

Flavor profile: pear, star fruit, caramel

Grind note: grind away. Just the way you like it. Awesome for V60!!!

Shelf-life: 180 days

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