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pure shine facial serum

pure shine facial serum

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Atinge is a female-owned, female-forward brand based in Romania. Their beauty line is based on original formulations using some of the purest, certified organic ingredients. They have created specific serums for every type of skin, using highly precious, potent, unrefined and bioactive vegetable oils.

Pure shine radiant facial serum is a potent blend of organic botanical and precious floral essences reduces fine lines and activates natural radiance of the skin. Unrefined argan and avocado oils deeply nourish the skin, while the precious borage (starflower) and pomegranate oils provide a boost of antioxidants to your skin. 


Apply: a few drops to slightly wet skin and massage with upward and gentle movements until the serum is absorbed

Ingredients: cold-pressed argan oil*, cold-pressed avocado oil*, rose petal oil*, cold-pressed borage oil*, rosa mosqueta oil*, pomegranate seed oil*, rosa damascena*, cistus* and geranium bourbon* essential oil, vitamin E

*certified organic

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