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warosoku = Japanese candle

warosoku = Japanese candle

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We handpicked these for you at Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, Japan.

Warosoku means Japanese (wa) candle (rosoku). Warosoku are made from plant-based oils and fats such as from sumac or haze, rice bran, canola, or soy. They are known for their particular shape (similar to an anchor) and subtle earthy smell while burning. Their wick is think and made by twisting washi paper (note the washi paper that hiyoko imai uses for her art).

The flame of the warosoku is much larger than common candles due to the wick being much thicker. Warosokus burn gracefully and due to their shape, the flame remains mostly unaffected throughout the candle's burning period.

Warosoku candles are traditionally burnt at Buddhist temples, ceremonies and shrines. Today, they can be used in meditation practices, yoga, mindfulness, or whatever may speak to you, for their vivid light and earthy smell make them so special. 

Use a sharp paper clipper or a wick trimmer to shorten the warosoku's wick when the flame begins to distort so to avoid smoking from the paper wick.

Never leave a candle unattended!

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