alive-palms connection

alive-palms connection

Physical human touch is essential to our well-being. Research suggests that at least 4 hugs a day are needed to feel fine, and 12 to be happy. Positive touches boost immunity, stimulate the central nervous system, produce oxytocin, and lift moods. While going about checking boxes in our busy everyday lives, we have a tendency to overlook the importance of positive touch. We might pay attention to our bodies only when they signal pain or discomfort, but do not often make it a habit to nurture them with joy, energy, and relaxation.

Caring (for ourselves and others) does not require special reasons. Our bodies and minds are interconnected, and it is in our hands to harmonize them. We would like to invite to explore this connection, to uncover joy, comfort, and beauty, and allowing these sensations to dance within our bodies.

Svetlana will guide us in this exploration of the tactile senses. We will start by warming up to get attuned to each other and to our space. Then, in pairs, we will practice simple massage and bodywork techniques, taking turns as giver and receiver. We will share feedback and hold space for one another and for ourselves.

No experience is required, just openness, trust and interest in human body interactions. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in (e.g., long sleeve, soft trousers/leggings, socks), consider bringing your yoga mat, blanket, face mask or kerchief for covering your eyes.

We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday, June 6 @5:30PM at Pedersgata 44. Participation is free of charge and, as usual, food and warm drinks will be offered as part of the gathering. 

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