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Discover our selection of carefully curated products for body, mind and space to inspire you and delight your senses. We work with female-forward suppliers world-round to bring to you mindful alternatives to everyday products that will leave a smaller footprint yet make your heart sing.


How do you care for yourself? How do you show yourself love?... 

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Noor is a small Romanian brand owned by Alexandra, who is both... 


In an anatomical sense, our senses connect to our brains and help... 

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midsummer's breeze

Can you feel it?

Last year was the hottest on record. It may not necessarily feel that way from where we are, but climate change affects us all unevenly. This however is our truth as a world. Another troubling truth is the rate at which species are going extinct. Scientists estimate that rate to be ten to hundreds of times more than the average over the past ten million years.

Keep that in mind this summer as you sail on your own personal adventures :)

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Personal satisfaction does not have to come from owning a lot of objects, but rather from those things of quality that spark joy (a little Marie Kondo). What we source from creators around the world can be used, is of use, and most pieces will be used up. It is about enjoying the moment, embracing wabi-sabi to allow beauty to be discovered in the imperfect.

Certain products have become net favorites: for practical reasons or for the everyday mindfulness they cultivate.


beans & leaves

Coffee or matcha, anyone? Grab a book, or grab a pencil. Read,... 

ceramics & handcrafts

Say no to plastics. Say no to polluting the world more than... 


The great dancer, Margot Fonteyn, once said that “jumping for joy is... 


Books are a way of living through the experiences of others, both... 


Natural light is best, but when we are inside and it cannot... 

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In short

We are a female-powered concept with an emphasis on normalizing beauty at any age, size, background, preference, passion. Our focus is on personal development, personal care, and love of our inner and outer selves.

We source from inspirational artists and small producers that we feel connected to. We are obsessed with matcha, coffee, cakes, and we love to share them with you.

Ours is a space to be experienced.