our story

Evelina is a geologist by training, and Andreea is an actuary. This dream started as a mere flicker that was fueled by our getting to know each other, first as mothers and as fellow women sharing a common background, having both been born in Romania. What ties us is a blooming friendship, our stance on womanhood, our admiration and respect for nature, our passion for coffee.

Nowadays, we often take for granted what should delight us. Can we learn to take pleasure in the little things (again)?

There is a lot to be said and a lot yet to be done to change this world for the better and to leave it strong for generations to come. With each step we take we can choose to make a positive impact. We can choose to be grounded. We can make a change by being mindful of our purchases, by staying informed of how the products we buy are sourced, how they are produced and at what cost to society, if they are ethically-made and sustainably-produced, if fair wages are paid throughout the process. We can own good quality products that tell a story and that we can use year after year, too. After-all, true quality does not devalue. We are proud to be working with and sourcing from independent creators from around the world whom we feel connected to in values. 
We are creators in the spiral of life. BLOOM was created to inspire. We stand for women of all ages, all creations, all orientations, all preferences. Just like pure beeswax blooms, BLOOM stands for the wellbeing of nature.


While the coffee blooms, we like to spark conversations. So drop by and sip with us!