collection: sitre

Sitre was born in Denmark, as a product of need for a more honest, inclusive and caring take on intimacy, telling stories and making products for all sexualities, ages, genders, bodies. Sitre is the story of Cecilie Hjelmager and Julie Herskin, its two founders. They both are serious about giving intimacy the respect it deserves: "we simply didn't understand why the products we would use during sex made us feel less, wrong, unsexy; and why did they have to be hidden away?" They so decided it was time to give the industry an update and partnered with the best skincare experts in Denmark to make sitre come true in 2021.

Their products are full of simple and good ingredients, allergy-friendly, vegan, without any bad stuff such as glycerin, perfume or parabens which do not belong in any intimate products. While still working on a glass packaging solution that meets the safety standards for intimacy, their current bottles are made from recycled plastic and their packaging and sizzle pack are FSC-certified.