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bouteille wired paper vase

bouteille wired paper vase

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All Georges collections start from an exploration, from a curiosity for the material, from the discovery of the gesture to work it, from the application to master it and finally, from the care to arrive at the final object. Georges adorns itself with rare fibers and raw materials to carefully manufacture, entirely by hand, sincere objects and other numbered masterpieces, always in a reasoned approach. All their pieces are handmade in their factory in Béarn, in Méritein. Their team uses simple and raw materials sourced as close as possible and transformed on site. A manufacturing process that is economical in resources, generous in know-how and respectful of the environment.

The weight of glass replaced by the lightness of paper. Paper thread and weaved metal thread are hand braided together into a shape that delicately resembles the original volume of a Bouteille.

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