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color block tapered candle trio

color block tapered candle trio

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Copito is a project by Clara Infante, a natural dyer and multidisciplinary maker and artist based near Barcelona, Spain. Her explorations with plant and earth pigments are often manifested through her sculptural wax creations.

This is set of 3 tapered candles. They are made using the traditional hand dipping method which has been applied as a form of candle making for thousands of years. The candles are made using yellow and white beeswax and over-dipped with indigo (plant) infused wax. Each candle in the set measures approximately 2.5-3 cm wide and is 25 cm tall, and burns for about 6-8 hours each. Trim the wick (to about 0.7cm) if you would like the candle to burn slowly and do not leave the burning candle in a drafty spot where it can burn unevenly (and is also a hazard). Collect any leftover wax and reuse it to make playful candles or in other home-crafts.

Please practice fire safety, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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