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go gently - by bonnie wright

go gently - by bonnie wright

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Concerned about the environment, but unsure how to take meaningful action? Bonnie Wright shows you the simple steps to take every day to help reconnect to the natural world and join the fight against climate change. Go Gently encourages you to start small, to include manageable shifts that build over time into impactful, life-changing habits. This book includes a wealth of practical tips, skills and recipes to start you on your path as well as a crash course in the critical environmental issues facing us today. From mending your clothes instead of throwing them away to getting a handle on recycling or turning coffee grounds into an exfoliating scrub, discover how small changes can transform the big picture. You are powerful even though you may feel small.

Bonnie Wright is an actor, filmmaker and advocate for climate justice and the protection of our environment. She began her career playing Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films and now uses her platform to amplify the importance of environmental health. Since 2017, she has been an ambassador for Greenpeace, focusing on single-use plastic pollution in our oceans and the connection to the fossil fuel and petrochemical industry.

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