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grasuta candle

grasuta candle

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Monica, the founder of Mo Candles and More, loves to create. She is just as much a candle-maker as she is a photographer. In a sense, the two go hand in hand as she works to bring nature and evoke emotions through her work. Her candles are hand-dipped and she collects her beeswax from local bee farmers. Monica is based in Bucharest, Romania, and she dreams of one day having a small farm where she could raise chickens.

Grasuta is a dreamy candle that will form a calm pool around the wick as it burns slowly and peacefully. Expect beautiful imperfections and color variations between two of the same. It is meant as a simple pleasure for everyday living. You may have it stand on a plate, in a candle dish, or on a slab of stone. Combine it with hand-picked flowers from your favorite patch and enjoy a gratifying moment in your safe space. Each candle burns for about 12 hours. Trim the wick (to about 0.7cm) if you would like the candle to burn slowly and do not leave the burning candle in a drafty spot where it can burn unevenly (and is also a hazard). Collect any leftover wax and reuse it to make playful candles or in other home-crafts.

Please practice fire safety, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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