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mellow mind

gua sha comb

gua sha comb

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Mellow Mind is a Danish wellness and slow-beauty brand founded in 2019 by Maria Grønborg. All skin, body and hair care products are formulated by Maria  and manufactured in the Mellow Mind studio in Kolding, Denmark. Products are all 100% vegan and are mixed by hand in small portions to ensure optimal freshness and to minimize waste. Mellow Mind's products are unisex and made for everyone and every body, valuing simple everyday rituals that nourish the body and soul.

This is a beautiful gua sha comb for a scalp massage that stimulates blood circulation and calms the nervous system. The back of the comb can be used to loosen neck tension and sore muscles. The comb is handmade from jade and varies in color from light to dark shades of green.

Care: clean your gua sha with neutral soap and warm water after every use to avoid the spread of bacteria. It can break if you drop it, so you may wish to store it in the fabric bag that it comes in.

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