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incenscape set of ten incense cones - vetiver

incenscape set of ten incense cones - vetiver

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RYOKO’s philosophy is that luxury is about gifting oneself time and attention. They recognize that by setting aside time to fully acknowledge our physical presence we can experience more joy in the passing moment. Such mindful, daily rituals have been understood for generations to deepen connections, to sharpen our senses and increase our appreciation for them. RYOKO’s collection of soulful objects and natural mixes that bear the imprint of their creators can aid you in your practice and ground you in that which already exists all around us. 

vetiver: a perennial grass indigenous to India, is highly prized for its aromatic roots. Widely used in perfumery, aromatherapy, and erosion control, its deep roots produce a rich, earthy scent with hints of smoky, woody, and citrusy greenery.

Renowned for its calming and grounding effects in traditional medicine, vetiver is valued for its sedative properties, aiding in insomnia and mental exhaustion relief. It fosters a deeper connection to nature and enhances self-awareness, facilitating a return to one's authentic self.

Ryoko handcrafts these incense cones in Berlin, using only 100% natural ingredients, completely free from synthetic additives;  each ingredient undergoes a meticulous process, beginning with pulverization in a mortar and concluding with individual hand-shaping. You can now experience the pure scent and therapeutic benefits without the need for charcoal and ash preparation.

The box contains 10 pieces of incense cone. Burning time per piece is approximately 15 mins.

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