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killing kanoko - by hiromi itō

killing kanoko - by hiromi itō

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Anne Waldman says about this book: "KILLING KANOKO is a powerful, long-overdue collection (in fine translation) of poetry from the radical Japanese feminist poet, Hiromi Ito. Her poems reverberate with sexual candor, the exigencies and delights of the paradoxically restless/rooted female body, and the visceral imagery of childbirth leap off the page as performative modal structures--fierce, witty, and vibrant. Hiromi is a true sister of the Beats."

Hiromi Itō is one of the most prominent female writers of contemporary Japan, with more than a dozen collections of poetry, several works of prose, numerous books of essays, and several major literary prizes to her name. She brings the female body and mind to the forefront in her effort to normalize all of it, childbirth, postpartum depression and menopause included.

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