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of the earth

clay bead bracelet

clay bead bracelet

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Adina and Conrad are the ceramic artists behind Of the Earth, based in Alberta, Canada. Their work is a co-creation with the earth, and is inspired by the natural textures, hues and formations that exist all around us. Their passion for the ancient world and for the history of ceramics inspires them to create pieces that not only reflect the earth, but mankind’s ritualistic relationship with clay for thousands of years. Dina and Conrad's dream was not only to sell ceramics, but to refine a lifestyle that had slowness at the forefront, and fulfillment at its core. Their education and experience seemed dormant, until they found the tangibility of ceramics.

Each bracelet features a handmade ceramic bead, made by the artists, from the same clay they use for pottery. The cordage is 100% linen, one of the oldest fibres known to ever be used, bringing you back to a time where the art of creation was a slow and ritualistic process.

The cordage is twisted to feature a loop on one end to tie the bracelet around the wrist or ankle. All bracelets are unique in their subtle imperfections in the beads and the cords. They are gender- and age-neutral and are created with the human connection at heart. 

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