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pale originelle pendant light

pale originelle pendant light

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All Georges collections start from an exploration, from a curiosity for the material, from the discovery of the gesture to work it, from the application to master it and finally, from the care to arrive at the final object. Georges adorns itself with rare fibers and raw materials to carefully manufacture, entirely by hand, sincere objects and other numbered masterpieces, always in a reasoned approach. All their pieces are handmade in their factory in Béarn, in Méritein. Their team uses simple and raw materials sourced as close as possible and transformed on site. A manufacturing process that is economical in resources, generous in know-how and respectful of the environment.

The Pale Originelle is Georges' iconic light fixture in its original format. The unexpected combination of brass, rattan and fabric in an airy, floral 8-petal pendant. Inspired by the retro ceiling fans of louvered rooms, the original paddle plays subtly with the light, diffusing a soft clarity in the room and delicate plays of shadows on the ceiling.

Also note that the albâtre (or alabaster) shade is in color between the naturel and the nude ombré but with a gray shade, also a very soft neutral shade that goes well in most environments.

Rattan is a living material, the petals will naturally form a corolla over time (count on a fall of about 25cm for the S and 40cm for the M). It has a lightbulb socket E27 for a maximum power of 75 watts. Golden metal rosace to be fixed to the ceiling, 3cm high and 12cm wide.

Lightbulb is not included.

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