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palo santo wood

palo santo wood

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RYOKO’s philosophy is that luxury is about gifting oneself time and attention. They recognize that by setting aside time to fully acknowledge our physical presence we can experience more joy in the passing moment. Such mindful, daily rituals have been understood for generations to deepen connections, to sharpen our senses and increase our appreciation for them. RYOKO’s collection of soulful objects and natural mixes that bear the imprint of their creators can aid you in your practice and ground you in that which already exists all around us. 

Traditionally treats colds and flu, palo santo which means "holy wood" is also known to relieve headaches, asthma, anxiety, depression, and reduce inflammation and stress levels. It’s said to clear negative thoughts and negative energy, and to be considered a powerful supporter of emotional clarity. Palo Santo belongs to the same botanical family as frankincense and myrrh, and is obtained only after the natural death of the tree which must lay on the ground for 3 to 6 years before the wood is harvested. 

use: matches or a candle to light the palo santo wood, then blow out the flame

Please note that each palo santo wood is a nature-sourced piece - so that the form and colour may vary. Due to some confusions regarding palo santo, we would like to mention that IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) released a review of bursera graveolens’s conservation status and declared it “of least concern.” So, palo santo is not endangered :)

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