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peachy bloom natural perfume

peachy bloom natural perfume

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MATCA is an Atelier de Parfumerie based in Sibiu, Romania, with a mission to create bold and clean-label essences made only with ingredients derived from nature. Their fragrances are the modern expression of an ancient craft. In their studio, MATCA bring together precious oils, resins, extracts, absolutes coming from far and mysterious places, and they let themselves be transported and inspired by these elements to create daring perfumes that blend so uniquely with the chemistry of your skin. At the core of their work stand unfaltering their love for the living plants, respect for environment, and the wellbeing of their customers. Their products are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, with no added synthetic preservatives or denatured alcohol.

The Peachy Bloom is juicy softness and powdery waves of happiness. Let the juicy, peachy notes envelop you in a warm embrace, while sweet, floral accents fill the air with a touch of romance. The comforting scent of vanilla and powdery undertones wrap you in a cocoon of happiness, as warm, amber hues radiate from within. Embrace the feeling that everything will be alright and enjoy the soft, sunny glow of this scent.

top notes: green + citrus notes
heart notes: neroli + peach + ylang-ylang
base notes: vanilla + ambroxan (natural) + tonka + musk (vegetal)

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