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rent the yellow otilia ruffled dress

rent the yellow otilia ruffled dress

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This Otilia by Hempcloth has a ruffled skirt bottom, square neckline, and puffed three-quarter sleeves. Otilia is versatile, comfortable and it can be dressed up or down depending on your mood: you may go out for dinner in Rome or run in a field of flowers in Transylvania and it will feel just as good. This dress is made of mustard yellow linen.

Stefanie is about 1.80m tall and is wearing size XS/S.

Please note that the desired start date for the rental must be indicated at checkout in the comments field. Alternatively, reach out to us via social media or at, as well as for any other questions you may have. We are here for you.

Shipping: cost for getting the dress to you will be added to your final cart at checkout. The return shipping fee is your responsibility and we hope that you choose a prompt and safe method.

Cleaning: we will take care of it! The garment will be delivered to you clean and ready to be worn. You may need to hang it and steam it a little if it's been packed prior to arrival, but that should be all. Linen wrinkles are awesome though! Please treat this garment with love and care and make sure to not permanently stain or damage it in any way. Do not attempt to clean the garment (that is our job) unless you have checked in with us in advance!

Please consult our Terms of Service for details on extra fees that may apply in special situations.


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