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hiyoko imai

sun and shiro and the polka-dot snake - by hiyoko imai

sun and shiro and the polka-dot snake - by hiyoko imai

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Sun and his dog Shiro with the white tail love to conquer nature and spend their days outdoors. They also really like the shiny red apples that grow on trees in the fall. On their latest adventure, they meet a curious little creature named Polka Dot Snake, who loves apples even more than they do! But it seems it's eating too many a bit too fast. Sun & Shiro is a book about friendship, and it also nudges its young readers at healthy eating without pointing a moral finger. This story might be the start of many more encounters with strange creatures to come. Every illustration is cut & pasted by hand. Hiyoko works with Japanese washi paper for its natural colour palette & texture. Her illustrations are made in a simple form and composition - no perfect lines nor digital effects, all hand made work.

author and illustrator: hiyoko imai

language: English / German

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