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touch body butter

touch body butter

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Atinge is a female-owned, female-forward brand based in Romania. Their beauty line is based on original formulations using some of the purest, certified organic ingredients. They have created specific serums for every type of skin, using highly precious, potent, unrefined and bioactive vegetable oils.

The orange and the lemon in the touch body butter help to increase appetite and zest for life. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom warm every heart, while the cedar, chrism and patchouli aromatic bases bring ceremony and togetherness. Carefully selected vegetable oils absorb well into the skin. Almonds, apricots and olives provide an impeccable nurturing of the skin, while the grapeseed oil is included for its potent flavonoids and vitamins. The essential oils create a soft sensation of warmth for the body.


Storage: in a cool dry place preferably under 22C to prevent the body butter from liquifying. Some of the ingredients, such as the coconut oil, become liquid at higher room temperatures. This change from liquid to solid and back again does not affect the quality in any way, but it may affect convenience.

Apply: to slightly damp skin, after a shower or bath, by gently massaging the skin until the oil is fully absorbed

Ingredients: unrefined fairtrade shea butter*, unrefined cocoa butter*, cold-pressed coconut oil*, cold-pressed almond oil*, cold-pressed apricot oil*, cold-pressed grapeseed oil*, orange*, cinnamon*, cloves*, myrrh*, patchouli*, cardamom*, rosemary*, cedarwood* and lemon* essential oils, vitamin E

*certified organic

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