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lingua planta

understory natural perfume

understory natural perfume

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Lingua Planta is the language of scent, through and through. Its founder, Merle Bergers, experienced the the inter-connectedness of plants and trees, insects and bigger animals firsthand by growing up in a small forest in the east of the Netherlands. During her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven she grew more and more fascinated by the possible reality of plant communication. Nourished through books by the likes of forester ecologist Peter Wohlleben and writer/biologist Robin Wall Kimmerer she went on a journey to dig deep into the matter of plants fragrant messages. Inspired by the volatiles plants use to communicate, Lingua Planta has its roots deep down in scientific research but found an aesthetic translation in perfumes. Lingua Planta is based in de Bilt, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Understory: The fragrance of the ancient underground conversation between mycelium and trees; a scent layered with mossy, pine and earthy notes.

Understory is a layered scent, thick with mosses and resins, enveloped by earthy patchouli and vetiver, softened by lavender absolute, tonka and powdery orris root. Use a couple of sprays on your pulse points to ground your mind and body. This fragrance is an invitation to look underneath the surface of the undergrowth. Beneath the seedlings, saplings, smaller plants and fallen leaves on the floor of a forest lies a mysterious world, carrying the wisdom of a billion years. A symbol for all the unseen, forming ancient bonds, generating the soil that gives us life.

top notes: violet leaf, bergamot, balsam fir

middle notes: sandalwood, lavender absolute, dark patchouli

base notes: iris/orris root butter, oakmoss absolute, frankincense 

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