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washi mixed colored paper blocks

washi mixed colored paper blocks

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Washi is traditional Japanese paper processed by hand using fibers from the inner bark of certain trees or shrubs. Awagami's washi products are 100% crafted and produced by the Fujimori family in Tokushima, Japan. Since antiquity, Japanese washi has been made from renewable plant resources that reach maturity in 1-2 years. When compared to wood-based papers (that take dozens of years to mature and require many chemicals), washi is created with significantly less harm to our environment in a clean and eco-friendly manner. In the traditional spirit of Japan, Awagami maintains a caring and nurturing focus on the environment using these renewable plants and recycling all water used during production.

This color-coordinated set of block washi contains 150 sheets in 25 different shades (6 sheets per shade) perfect for the paper lovers in your life. Use the 8.5x8.5cm sheets for mini-origami, paper crafts, journalling, collage, and anything else your heart should desire that is made of colored, finely textured paper.

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